Core and Associate Members

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Core and Associate Members

The Property Council of Australia provides powerful advocacy and exceptional services for more than 2200 member companies.

See a summary of what our members thought from our 2017 National Membership Survey here.

Core members

A Core member is a company that invests (directly or indirectly), develops, finances, owns or manages property either as its core business or corporate activity. Core member categories are based on the combined market value of property owned/managed/developed/financed in a state of membership.

Category Market value of property owned or managed
Core 4 $500M to $1b
Core 5 $200M to $500M
Core 6 $100M to $200M
Core 7 $25M to $100M
Core 8 $5M to $25M
Core 9 up to $5M
Associate members

An associate member is a company who is engaged in a profession or business associated with the property industry. Generally an associate member does not have assets at risk in the same way that core members do. Two levels of associate membership are available to companies with more than 30 employees or less than 30 employees in the selected state of membership. Voting rights do not apply.

For more information about membership and how to join please contact the Business Development Manager in your State or Territory.