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Applications opened for the 2021/22 Program at 10:00am AEDT Monday 8 March 2021, and closed at 5:00pm AEST Thursday 29 April 2021. Applications for the next program will open in 2022.

You cannot apply for future Programs, but you can express your interest in receiving information about the next Program by clicking here.

Please check with the head of your organisation, and if they are unsure or if your employer is not a member, please click here to make an enquiry.

Yes, you can apply to be a mentee if you work for a member of non-member organisation. Prospective mentors must be employed by an organisation that is a member of the Property Council at the time of applying. Please click here to make a membership enquiry.

We ask all Program participants to keep us updated with changes to employer and other contact details. 

Application forms can’t be amended once submitted, so please click here to email through the details of the change.

No, you can’t. Matching mentees with the right mentor is the foundation of our successful Program, and we engage an professional consultant to review and assess all applications and create the matches. 

No, you can’t. Your application is not dependant on the matching process and applying means that you will accept the role of mentee or mentor if offered. A significant amount of work is undertaken in the matching process and curation of the Program as a whole. 

A significant amount of work is undertaken in the matching process to ensure the right matches are made. Sometimes it takes a little time to understand why you’ve been matched with your mentee/mentor, and it is rare that situations arise where a match doesn’t work. The Program coordinators are available to provide guidance. 

Yes, you can. 

The Program’s primary focus is mentee-mentor pairings meeting either face-to-face or virtually at least monthly. We also ask that all participants attend at least 75 percent of other Program specific events and activities, of which there are least three. 

We very much welcome the return of mentors, and many have participated in multiple Programs. We also encourage mentees to return as mentors, when they are ready to do so, and several of our alumni have done this.

The program earns CPD hours that are subject to your local CPD authority.

The participation fee for mentees is discounted for employees of organisations that are a member of the Property Council. There are no further discounts, however if your employer is not willing or is unable to commit to paying the fee, you are able self-fund. Please click here to make an enquiry.

All matching, programming and structured activities are covered by the fee. There is no fee for mentors. 

Successful mentees are committed to and responsible for their own professional development, are willing and open to new ideas and ways of thinking and demonstrate capability to be good leaders. Successful mentors are enthusiastic and are excited and committed to sharing their knowledge with their mentee. They have excellent interpersonal skills, are active listeners, and know how to provide feedback.  

Please click here to submit your question and a member of team will be in contact with you.

The National Mentoring Program is a 12 month program with an extensive mentee/mentor matching process and a program of events and professional development. The program is targeted at emerging leaders with a minimum 2 years’ experience for mentees and 15 years’ experience for mentors. It is offered in NSW, ACT, VIC, SA, WA, NT and TAS and builds on the very successful program run in Victoria for the past decade.

The Property Council Inclusive Leadership Mentoring Program is offered in NSW only and is a 6-month structured program targeted at high performance senior leaders, with a minimum 10 years’ industry experience for mentees and 20 years’ experience for mentors. It is delivered by Serendis for mentees C suite – 3.

500 Women in Property is a sponsorship program for women that relies on the personal commitment of the sponsors as well as the participants to actively engage in the opportunities on offer. The National Mentoring Program is an inclusive program with an extensive mentee/mentor matching process and a formal program of events and professional development for a 12 month period.

Yes, you can. The two Programs are very different, so we recommend you consider your objectives in participating in either or both, as well as your time commitment. 

It is recommended that mentees have a minimum of two years' experience in the property industry. This means you may have experience in another industry or be returning to employment in the property industry. Please click here to submit your question and a member of team will be in contact with you. 

The 2021/22 Program is not available in Queensland, however we encourage you to express your interest in a future Program by clicking here.