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Let property grow the economy

The aim of tax reform should be to grow the economy and that means targeting our worst economic taxes like stamp duty.

Ken Morrison – Chief Executive

In the most urbanised country in the world, Australia’s productivity challenges need to be solved in our cities.

Ken Morrison – Chief Executive

With the right reforms, property can deliver the economic gains the nation is looking for.

Ken Morrison – Chief Executive

Housing Affordability

Creating a strong and stable pipeline of new housing supply to take the pressure off prices.

Cities & Infrastructure

Strong infrastructure pipelines and clear city growth policies to make our cities more productive and better connect communities with the jobs and services they need.

Fairer Taxes

Growing the economy by overhauling the tax system to reduce the burden on property and improve housing affordability.

Better Planning

Streamlining planning rules and assessment processes to reduce cost and delays, and ensuring clear long term plans are in place for our cities, suburbs and CBDs.

Leading Sustainability

Promoting smart policies to improve the uptake of energy efficiency and clean energy, and incentivise best practice development and community creation.

Less red tape

Targeting red tape reduction to lift productivity, encourage innovation and reduce the time and cost of doing business.

News Blog


    Australia’s property industry has called for a year of focus on demand-side solutions to reducing carbon emissions following a supply focused year in 2017, while welcoming the release of the 2017 Review of Climate Change Policies.


    Overall industry supports a plan that will deliver much-needed town centre development as well as align with the McGowan government’s plans for Metronet – in particular Metrohubs.

    The area outlined in the structure plan is of significant interest to the property industry as the Bayswater Train Station Precinct is now one of the most...


      When 350 people from all walks of life got together recently to discuss ideas to improve the Perth city centre it was land and its various uses and controls that was common in the top ideas.  The gathering soon discovered, however, that there was a lot less commonality amongst the groups that have direct control of land in the city centre.

  • Housing affordability: Property Council says cranking up supply will help home buyers

    With the Federal Budget announcement only two weeks away, the industry body has urged the government to leave negative gearing alone and instead fix the housing crisis with its “10 Point Plan”. Read here.



Billion in GDP

property contributes 1/9th of Australian GDP, more than any other industry


Billion in Wages

more than 1 in 4 Australians draw their wage from the property industry



property is Australia’s second largest employer creating 1.1 million direct jobs and support another 1.5 million